About Us

This is the section that I'm meant to tell you who I am. How this company came about. 

 Ok well here are my vitals:

My name is Erica. I just turned 39 years old. I look like I'm in my 20s and at times act like someone who should be on disability due to age and other times, act like a brand new teen driver. I LOVE coffee. I love chatting with friends, getting together over some good food and a recent find, wine. I love cooking with my Dad or brother. Learning a new recipe or performing our own version of "Chopped". I'm originally from the East Coast and still have a majority of my family there. I, however, am sort of free spirit black sheep...so after the death of my mentor I left and went West to California. Where to this day, I still am.

I'm a sister, wife and mother. I'm a cancer survivor and honestly, this is when I truly began my quest on a more natural source of body care. After chemo, my skin would feel like it was on fire...I needed to fine things that would soothe me. Coconut & Olive oils, Honey and Oatmeal, these were my saviors. I might of recently opened Pretty Packages doors, but its a way of life I've been with for a while. 

As a mother & wife, I'm sure you can agree you only want the best for your family. I'm no different in this regard. In my family, we have combination, oily and dry skins. We have straight, wavy and very curly hair, Skin of a sailor, tween girl, athletic little boy and a toddler boy whose into EVERYTHING. Water usage here is high, but there are VERY few chemicals that we use in our bath and body care. Now I'll be the first to admit that natural typically means more expensive, however as I'm already creating it for my family...it only takes a little bit more to create it for yours too. I am sure that you want the same level of care of your family that I want for mine.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. SuchPrettyPackages@gmail.com or Facebook.com/SuchPrettyPackages


I mentioned I'm a wife, I'm a proud Navy Chief's wife. We have been privileged enough to be able to use the benefits from Fleet and Family Service Centers, and have friends who are apart of Wounded Warrior Project, a portion of each sale will be donated to either of these services.