The Great Sugar Rush

The Great Sugar Rush

Erica Pace

Halloween is around the's an adult way to celebrate this night of fun.

Join the sugar scrub sensation. Exfoliate with sugar leaves your skin gloriously silky. Easier to be the sultry vixen, Little Red Riding Hood, Harley Quinn, the Wolf...and slip into that costume, role, persona just a bit easier.

What are some benefits for using Sugar Scrubs?

  • Skin Moisturizer

    Unlike a salt scrub, sugar scrubs do not dry the skin. A sugar scrub is alpha-hydroxy rich. Alpha-hydroxy is an active substance with exfoliating and emollient properties.

    Will Not Clog Pores

    Sugar scrubs will not clog the pores and are safe to use on children. They are healing for individuals who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.

    Gentle Brown Sugar

    Brown sugar scrubs are especially gentle and can even be used on the face or on individuals who have particularly sensitive skin.


    Sugar scrubs are non-abrasive and can be used frequently. They help to restore and moisturize the skin. Sugar is a humectant, which means it cannot draw moisture out of the skin like a salt scrub can.

    Get An Even Tan

    When tanning, sugar scrubs help remove flaky skin on elbows, knees, and feet, giving a more even, all-over tan, especially when using a tanning service.

Feel wonderful all over.

Sale is from 26th until Halloween 2016.               Code for checkout: Sugared