Summer is HERE!

Summer is HERE!

Erica Pace

Summer is here. My kids are the first week into it, excited as all get out and I'm ALREADY counting the days until they go back. Its A LOT of WEEKS off to the zoo, SeaWorld, Legoland,K Track, the  beach, the pool, soooo many movies, sleepovers and a massive roadtrip in our future this summer and still will have like 2 weeks until school starts back up. 

But when it does, I'll have a sophomore, 4th Grader and a TK kiddo. Where did my babies go??!?

Ok so living here in "sunny California", we believe and store sunblock. But I'm a sorta natural crunchy momma...I can't slather my child, my flesh n blood with unhealthy "protection". We use a combination of Shea Butter with Coconut oil and to smell wonderful eucalyptus, lavender and lemon essential oils. The kids smell good and are protected. Thanks to the lavender, they're also a bit calmer. The eucalyptus and lemon are also excellent guards against bugs like mosquitoes. 

Wanna give it a try - email me at and I'll send you a 2oz sample if you send me your address.