Subscription Box added

Subscription Box added

Erica Pace

Pretty Packages is going to be offering starting in August 14th,  a subscription box that will ship out in September.
The box will be various scents of either a soap or scrub and butter and some fun trinkets. The products will be natural and sometimes even vegan so you can try that too! There will be an ALL VEGAN option as well but that is gonna start in January 2018.
Photos and theme will be revealed as the date approaches!
The subscription will be $34.95
If you order several months at a time they will be 25% off and charged all at once.
Three Months will $75.00 instead of $105.00
Six Months will $150 instead of $210.00
A year will be $300 instead of $420.00
(price didn't include shipping)
These sale prices end 27th August, 2017, so pre-order and save!!!