May the 4th Be With You Sale

May the 4th Be With You Sale

Erica Pace

Its almost here...May the 4th. How are you going to celebrate it?

In our house, we do Lego (double points!!! heck yeah) but we also have the gambit of fun Star Wars soaps. My husband enjoys the Millennium Falcon I do with Double Butter and Shave soap with a Cool Citrus Basil scent.

My sons enjoy Boba Fett and Darth Vader marbled soaps with the Monkeyfarts scent (its just Strawberry Bubblegum - but boys are boys. Anything with the word fart is a winner). My daughter, who is a teen enjoys all the soaps but especially the BB8 that I do in a Olive Oil & Double Butter with Orange marbling in a Grapefruit Bergamot.

The fun in making them is even better honestly. I love creating these for my and your families.

Sale is $15 off all the Star Wars soaps (Code: All54)

$10 off all the others. (Code: Large54, Small54)